Monitoring, critical analysis and preparation of reports on

  • Occupational leases and Copropriété regulations
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the income and tenancy
  • Procurement and monitoring of building contractors
  • Accounting information which affects the management
  • The billing of recoverable and non-recoverable costs
  • Areas of improvement
And all the documents which can contribute to making a decision
  • Property visits, regular photographing, technical reports on the building and its plant and machinery
  • Technical audit, budget audits, review of the tenancy schedule, preparation of benchmarks
Know-How Boetie Partners - Property Management
Property Management - Gestion technique
  • Preparation of occupational leases
  • Lease management, review of lease ends and break-clauses
  • Rental and service charge billing, recovery of unpaid rent and charges
  • Monitoring and recovery of unpaid invoices
  • Contracting of building insurance contracts
  • Preparation of building service charge budgets and their allocation to individual tenants
  • Collecting the necessary Budgeting of building expenses and renovation
  • Acting as go-between with owners and tenants
  • Tailor-made client reporting
  • We plan complex maintenance and modernization activities in a three year plan which is then broken-down between recoverable and non-recoverable costs
  • Keeping buildings functioning : organization and contracting of schedule of works and services, preparation of building standing orders
  • Control and monitoring of building contracts with suppliers, and systematic public tender for all new contracts
  • Periodic technical inspection of buildings and preparation of an inspection report
  • Preparation of maintenance works and renovation
  • Organization and monitoring of works on the common parts (project management)
  • Prevention of risks and control of the adherence to Health and safety legislation
  • Monitoring of insurance policies and lodging of claims
  • Preparation of schedule of condition of buildings
  • Handling of the accounts for the building
  • Preparation of accounts for the tenants
  • Year-end audit of Service charges
  • Monitoring of third party invoicing, suppliers
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Preparation an on-going monitoring o cash flow, financial and accounting reporting
  • Analysis and validation o the company accounts for SPVs and deposing fiscal declarations (TVA etc.)
  • Declaration and payment of property taxes
Whether for commercial or residential property, the goal is the same:
Full occupancy at optimum conditions. Because only when your property is rented can it deliver real returns to you.
  • Negotiation and lease renewals
  • Preparing properties for re-letting
  • Preparing market reports with recommendations on quoting rents and lease terms
  • Marketing et leasing of vacant units
  • Coordination of a security audit
  • Monitoring of environmental regulations (Certification)
  • Monitoring and inspection of equipment regulated under Environmental legislation (ICPE)
  • Financial management and cash flow